Africa has a time-honoured lineage of using plant medicines for healing, its traditional practitioners having a deep understanding of the powerful effects of plant substances on the human body, mind and soul.  Through their parent company Parceval, African Infusions accesses the wealth of medicinal knowledge and wisdom inherent in Africa’s biodiversity, and has curated a range of unique and unusual botanical ingredients suitable for infusions of all kinds.
As with any food crop’s terroir, the context of the African landscape – whether mist-shrouded mountains or hot, dry grasslands - has a profound impact on the complexity of flavour, aroma and medicinal properties of the healing herbs and plants growing in their specific environment. Regional teas such as the Western Cape’s Rooibos, Buchu and Honeybush have become known world-wide in the domain of herbal teas, but Africa’s hidden heritage of healing plants has so much more to reveal.


African Infusions sources unique botanical ingredients with traditional use heritages not always known to the western world. We’ve created our own ingredient range which draws on the rich biodiversity and history of traditional medicine on the African continent. Each ingredient is evocative of the many different landscapes, moods and atmosphere of Southern Africa

Drawing on Parceval’s three decades of experience working in this sector, we have access to expertise covering the full value chain from cultivation and sourcing of botanical raw materials, establishing sustainable supply chains, to product formulation and manufacturing of intermediary and finished products.

Parceval’s regulatory knowledge is also extensive; and they regularly act as industry representatives, consulting on new policy developments pertaining to our industry.