About Us

Africa has a time-honoured lineage of using plant medicines for healing, its practitioners having a deep understanding of the powerful effects of plant substances on the human body, mind and soul. We have long been fascinated by the medicinal value of the plants found on this vast and beautiful continent, so we embarked on a journey of taste and aroma. But it was a journey that had already begun many thousands of years ago – in every region, local communities have some form of herbal infusion that they enjoy and pass down to subsequent generations.

As with any food crop’s terroir, the context of the African landscape – whether mist-shrouded mountains or hot, dry grasslands – has a profound impact on the complexity of flavour, aroma and medicinal properties of the healing herbs and plants growing within a specific environment. Regional teas such as the Western Cape’s Rooibos, Buchu and Honeybush have become known world-wide in the domain of herbal teas, but Africa’s hidden heritage of healing plants has so much more to reveal. Explore our ingredients here.

The profound knowledge of these botanical secrets is vested in the mostly undocumented oral traditions of Africa’s first people.  However, African Infusions has cultivated a rich network of experts, academics, researchers, traditional healers and harvesters allowing us to introduce exciting new ingredients to the world.