African Infusions sources unique botanical ingredients with traditional use heritages not always known to the western world. We’ve created our own ingredient range which draws on the rich biodiversity and history of traditional medicine on the African continent. Each ingredient is evocative of the many different landscapes, moods and atmosphere of Southern Africa.

All our ingredients are 100% natural, with no additives or preservatives, and are certified organic or wild harvested.


Resurrection Bush

Refreshing and soothing camphor

High in antioxidants and essential minerals

Anti-bacterial, anti-viral and immune boosting


Rich source of minerals and vitamins

Natural antibiotic, anti-spasmodic and anti- inflammatory

Enhances blackcurrant flavours


Soothing and calms nerves

Rich in essential minerals

Anti-inflammatory and immune boosting

Lemon Bush

Analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-pyretic and anti-bacterial

Contains water-soluble flavonoids and phenolic compounds

Exceptionally low in tannins


Rich in vitamins and minerals that promote good health

Anti-oxidants combat inflammation and anti-radical effects


Cape Wild Mint

Contains menthol, menthone, pulegone - known anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and anti-helmetic

Pain-relieving and analgesic

Carminative and anti-spasmodic