Mint Pelargonium

With a deep minty aroma, Mint Pelargonium is one of the freshest fragrances the Cape has to offer. The leaves can be used as an aromatic tea or mint flavouring in baking and cooking, as well as being known to be useful as a soothing poultice on bruises and sprains. The freshness of this plant, in all its forms, will put a spring in your step.


Beautiful in gardens as companion plants and culinary herbs. Used as a tea – hot or cold. Leaves can be soothing on bruises and sprains.


An evergreen, herbaceous shrub, Mint Pelargonium (Pelargonium tomentosum) is low-growing and spreads its branches in all directions. Leaves are conspicuous in shape and velvety. The delicate white or pink through to red flowers (depending on species), are borne in much-branched inflorescences of 4–15 flowers.


Our Pelargonium tomentosum is sourced from the Tesselaarsdal area where the high day time temperatures are moderated by the cooling seabreeze in the evenings.


(-)-isomenthone (61–62%)

(+)-menthone (25–27%)


The minty aroma makes it a great culinary addition and it can be enjoyed as a tea, by itself or together with blends that have a fresh flavour. It’s fragrance also makes it a great addition to potpourri mixes, herb pillows or bath bags.


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