Be transported to a time before, a landscape of sandy soil, aromatic Fynbos and craggy peaks with this tea. Rooibos can be enjoyed any time as a healthy drink while helping to boost your immune system, reduce aging and the risk of some lifestyle diseases. Rooibos blends well with Resurrection Bush or Buchu. In South Africa Rooibos tea is often enjoyed with milk and some added sweetness, such as honey. It is also a popular base for home-made ice tea.


Rooibos has been part of the culture of the Cedarberg region for hundreds perhaps thousands of years. The Khoisan used the herb as a beverage and a medicinal plant, and the Dutch farmers adopted it as an alternative to “black tea”. Rooibos has been used by women during pregnancy to relieve heartburn and nausea, as well to increase their iron levels. It is also said to soothe colic in infants.

Over time an industry has burgeoned from humble beginnings —into what is now known as the “Red tea” industry.


Rooibos (Aspalathus linearis) is a shrubby, bushy plant that grows under harsh conditions in the Cederberg region. It survives with the help of winter rains and by having a deep taproot that is able to dig deep down to find cool, well-drained sandy soils. With needle-like dusky green leaves it is easy to overlook for the most time, however in spring it produces bright yellow flowers.

Initially harvested wild as a “mountain tea”, today Rooibos is quite extensively cultivated and is processed using time-honoured traditional methods.


Despite attempts to cultivate Rooibos elsewhere, it only grows naturally within a 150km radius of the Rooibos capital, Clanwilliam. This localisation makes it unique – it can be enjoyed globally but only grows locally.


Naturally caffeine free

Rich in Vitamin C, calcium, manganese and fluoride, helps to build strong bones and teeth

Antioxidants (most notably aspalathin) prevents DNA damage, inflammation and is helpful in combating diabetes

Lower in tannins than black and green tea


A powdered extract can be used in baking and cooking. Used in cosmetic products such as body scrubs, lotions, soaps and bath products and in alcoholic beverages. Human (bread) and pet (parrot) food. Makes a great base for iced tea.


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