Bespoke Client Solutions

African Infusions has recently worked with clients, helping them to source, blend and create their own retail-ready product ranges.

Range of African Infusion Blends

(Re)vive Tea

Made with Honeybush, Resurrection Bush and Buchu, this tea has a honeyed fruity flavour profile with a hint of blackcurrant. These ingredients are known to have anti-bacterial properties that have been used to address infections of all kinds.


Made with Lemon Bush and Cape Wild Mint, this tea has a lemon verbena, grassy and peppermint flavour profile. A refreshing healthy tea with ingredients known for their soothing properties and boosting immunity.


This tea includes Resurrection Bush, Rooibos, Lemongrass, Cape Wild Mint, Cinnamon and Lemon Bush and has a humbug, spicy biscuit flavour. These ingredients are traditionally used as potent cleansing anti-oxidants, soothing stomach complaints as well as boosting immunity.


This tea contains Resurrection Bush and Rooibos providing a double-dose of anti-oxidant and immunity-boosting properties. This infusion is a great pick-me-up for whenever you’re needing to recharge. It also builds stamina, calms inflammation and promotes anti-aging effects.


Creating a shelf-ready product on behalf of a client: Petalilli Resurrection Bush and Rooibos tea. An organic tea producer based in Zimbabwe, Petalilli, has built a niche for herbal teas in Zimbabwe. Together, African Infusions and Petalilli designed a blend and a brand to be the first in a unique indigenous, African herbal tea range. The new indigenous African herbal tea product line is proving to be very popular, with sales of over 10,000 teabags since hitting the shelves in November 2018.

Petalilli’s African Infusions tea with Resurrection Bush retails currently at:

Pick n Pay Avondale

Pick n Pay Arundel

Pick n Pay Borrowdale

Spar Borrowdale

Spar Ballantyne

Spar The Bridge

Spar Athienitis

Fruit and Veg Honey Dew

Brookfield Farm Stall/Nursery

The Wed, Fri and Sat farmers’ markets in Harare